Spontaneous Synergy

This article was written in 2011 and published in the book ‘Ontwaakt BewustZijn’

We ourselves are the system that we do not like. As long as we are not aware of this fact, we cannot change it.

Spiritual awakening is becoming aware of the patterns that hold us together. We humans act like marionettes without being aware of this fact. Life before awakening is just a set of programs that are running over and over again.

I see this phenomenon all around me and there seems to be nothing I can do about it; I can only watch and see how people are trapped in their own thought patterns of powerlessness.

Nevertheless this insight has brought me relief.

I know I don’t fit any longer in this puppet system. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t unless I would be in total denial and wear a mask.

People keep making new systems based on these programs and only if one aligns with the programs can one be part of these systems. As soon as one rejects the program one is also no longer welcome in the system. There is no space for love in such mechanical systems. Love is spontaneous, not automatic.

By blindly investing our power into the system, we lose our individual power. We become the system and lose ourselves. New systems replace old systems but the underlying problem stays the same: it is all based on fear and exploitation.

People who no longer want to accept ‘the rules’ are being pushed away. The system is deciding what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’. It is all based on judgments, not on love. The ego-mind is ruling and the heart is silenced. There is distrust not trust.

What we need is people who dare to take their individual power back. Wholeness is in us, not in ‘the system’. When we withdraw our power from the system it has no power by itself.

For a long time I felt rejected by the system and it gave me a lot of grief. But now I can see how the collective unconscious is just abusive and based on fear. I do not want to belong to such a system.

I do no longer want to play the game of the rulers of the system. I am looking for other individuals who want to act as free agents. We can cooperate without giving up our individual power. There is no need to be afraid of being outside the system because fear is what runs the system.

We help the world by no longer supporting the old systems. We help the world by claiming back our own power. We help the world by affirming our original oneness. We can inspire others to join us in a heart-centered community. By walking away from the collective control mechanisms we create the space for a spontaneous organization of all the people of good will.

A community of the heart has no formal membership. It runs on spontaneous synergy. It all begins with setting ourselves free first.

With love, Erica

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